80GGA Tax Rebate

Many institutions involved in scientific activities, rural development, conserving natural resources etc run on voluntary donations and grants. Salaried persons who make donations to such organizations can claim tax benefits for doing so.

Eligibility for 80GGA tax rebate

This tax rebate is meant for salaried tax payers who do not have income from business. In order to qualify for 80GGA rebate you should make donation to one of the following:

1a. Institution, university, college or scientific research association for Scientific Research

   b. Institution, university, college for research in Social Science or Statistics

The institution/university should be approved by the govt for this deduction

2a. Association or institution for Rural Development program

   b. PSU, local authority or any institution approved by the National Committee for Promotion of                  

       Social and Economic Welfare for eligible project or scheme

You need to produce certificate from such a PSU/institution for donation made

3a. Association or institution for conservation of Natural Resources

   b. Central Govt fund for Afforestation

4. Rural Development fund of the Central Govt

5. National Urban Poverty Eradication fund of the Central Govt

Maximum deduction limit under 80GGA

100% of donation can be claimed for deduction under section 80GGA. Your taxable income reduces by the amount of donation made to eligible institutions.

How to get 80GGA benefit

This deduction is not allowed on salary TDS so salaried employees with no business income can claim this while filing tax return by putting amount in cell for 80GGA under Chapter VI-A deductions in ITR form.

Fintotal comment

Section 80GGA deductions are not very popular. But if you ever donate to one of these causes or NGOs like CRY don't miss claiming this tax benefit while filing your Income Tax returns.

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