80GGC Tax Rebate

Supporting politics earns you bonus from a less expected quarter- the income tax department. Donations made to political parties can be claimed for tax deduction under section 80GGC. 80GGC is meant for non-corporate taxpayers whereas deduction under section 80GGB is meant for companies. This was introduced in the Union Budget of 2009-10 in order to make election funding, in which corporates are major donors, transparent and free of corruption.

Eligibility for 80GGC rebate

Donation should be made to a political party registered under section 29A of the Representation of the People Act. Donation made to an electoral trust set up for funding the election process is also eligible. Donations made in cash are not eligible for tax deduction.

Maximum deduction limit under 80GGC

100% of donation can be claimed for deduction under section 80GGC. Your taxable income reduces by the amount of donation made to eligible parties.

How to get 80GGC benefit

This deduction is not allowed on salary TDS so salaried employees with no business income can claim this while filing tax return by putting amount in cell for 80GGC under Chapter VI-A deductions in ITR form.

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